What Services Do We Provide?

  • Health Care Services

    Peripheral Blood Sampling

  • Care At Home Services

    Central Venous Line Care

    • Saline and Heparin Lock Flushing
    • Central Blood Sampling
    • Weekly Central Line Dressings
    • PICC-Hickman-Porta-Cath
  • IV Homecare

    Administration of Drugs

    • S/C, IM, IV Daily Weekly Monthly Yearly
  • Bermuda Health Council Criteria
  • Home Medical Services Referral Process
  • Home Medical Services Medications Covered 100%

In 2013, The Bermuda Health Council brought Home Healthcare Limited under the Bermuda Hospital Benefit so All clients would be covered 100% for HHL Services.

So therefore, All Clients are 100% covered if they have hospitalization insurance. No major medical required.

(Premium payments must be up to date)

Bermuda Health Insurers:

  • BF&M
  • Argus
  • Colonial
  • G.E.H.I

Physician Referral Only

  1. A Home Medical Services Referral Form must be completed to initiate HHL Services. Fax the HMS referral form to HHL ((441) 799-1525) or Email ( info@hhlbermuda.com).
  2. Download the referral form here
  3. Insurance Pre-Approval is required for the HHL Services requested on the HMS Referral. Approval is usually received by email within 24hrs but can take up to 48hrs.
  4. Upon insurance approval the Out-Patient client will be contacted by the HHL Nurse to book Appt. time and get directions to the home.
  5. In Patient clients at KEMH require insurance Pre-Approval prior to discharge from hospital. KEMH medical staff will be notified ASAP of the client insurance approval so discharge to home can be organized.
  6. Avant Care Services is the designated pharmacy by the Bermuda Health Council to fill the HMS Meds prescriptions. Pharmacist Cell# (441) 400-5815   WhatsApp# (441) 538-1928
  7. Avant Prescriptions Fax#(441) 296-2082  Email: info@avantbda.com  Website: www.avantbda.com
  8. The HMS Meds will be collected by HHL for all In Patient and Outpatient clients. The meds will be brought to the client home with the medical supplies to administer the medication.
  1. Ampicillin
  2. Cefazolin
  3. Ceftazidime
  4. Ceftriaxone
  5. Clindamycin
  6. Cloxacillin
  7. Ertapenem
  8. Gentamicin
  9. Home TPN 3-IN-1 vs 2-IN1
  10. Iron Venofer
  11. Immunoglobulin Privigen
  12. Meropenem
  13. Penicillin
  14. Remicaide
  15. Solumedrol
  16. Tazocin(pipercillin/tazobactam)
  17. Tinzaparin
  18. Unasyn
  19. Vancomycin
  20. Zometa

IV meds not included on the HMS list above can be administered by HHL but the client will have a Copay from their private prescription plan.