International Referrals

Referral Process of Overseas Hospitals for Clients Returning to Bermuda for HHL Services

  1. The Physician who referred the client abroad needs to be contacted to initiate HHL Services in Bermuda.
  2. A Home Medical Services referral form will be completed by the local physician and sent to HHL.
  3. HHL needs the following info prior to discharge:
    • Client discharge summary
    • Most recent lab results
    • Vascular Access Device: Type of Device Date of Insertion, Location of device and Size.
    • Name of Medication and Dosing. When next dose due upon return to Bermuda?
    • Notice of client date of return and Airline details
  4. HHL contact: Homecare Nurse Manager Dorothy Morgan-Swan RN Email Cell#(441)799-1525 Fax# (441)232-2850
  5. Bermuda has limited pharmacy and Medical staff availability on the Weekend and Holidays. HHL does not accept Clients from abroad on the Weekend!
  6. Avant Care Services provides medications for Home Healthcare Ltd. Email Cell#(441) 400-5815